Does string of pearls flower? (2023)

What does it mean if my string of pearls is flowering?

As with any plant, the reason your string of pearls is flowering is entirely natural; it's for reproduction. The flowers are there to attract insects, in order for pollination to occur. In the same period as your string of pearls flowers, you'll also find there are seeds being produced and spread around your garden.

How do you get string of pearls to flower?

In addition to its unique foliage, string of pearls can produce tiny white flowers with bright-colored stamens. (Some say the blooms smell like cinnamon.) To encourage spring flowers, cut back on water and move the succulent to a slightly cooler area (around 60 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the winter months.

Is it rare for string of pearls to flower?

In addition to its unique sphere-like leaves, the string of pearls produces white flowers in spring with a pleasant cinnamon-like scent; although, it rarely flowers indoors. This plant is toxic to humans1 and pets2.

Why is my string of pearls not flowering?

Not enough light

A String Of Pearls plant indoors needs strong natural light. A medium to high light exposure with no direct, hot sun is what they need to grow successfully. Not enough light + too much water = bye-bye sweet hanging succulent.

Why is my string of pearls flowering in winter?

My indoor pearls tend to flower over winter for this reason as their spot by the window gets cool at night but lots of sun so warm by day. A dry, cold winter can also set your pearls up well for flowering come spring and summer.

How often should you water string of pearls?

String of pearls doesn't require much watering. During growing season, you can water roughly every two to three weeks. During the winter season, water once a month. Bottom watering is a great option for this trailing succulent.

Will string of pearls grow from one pearl?

Like many other succulents, a string of pearls plant can actually be propagated from a single leaf. Yup, you only need one of those peas! This technique has a lower success rate, though, and it can take a long time.

How do you make string of pearls fuller on top?

To make your String of Pearls look fuller, trim the plant down and add the cuttings to the top of the plant. The stem cuttings will root in a few weeks and will start growing like regular plants. You can keep doing this whenever your plant grows really long.

What does an unhealthy string of pearls look like?

Shriveling of leaves and stem are evident indications that your String of Pearls is not receiving proper care. You might wonder why this striking plant shrivels. Well, watering issues are one of the most common reasons for shriveled leaves in your succulent.

Do variegated string of pearls flower?

The variegated string of pearls make a great choice for hanging baskets and ground cover. The plant has beautiful white flowers that smell like cinnamon.

How can you tell if a string of pearls are thirsty?

Your pearls are thirsty! If your String of Pearls look like little green lemons, they are dehydrated. They will also likely be hard to touch, their colour will be looking a lot more dull and matte rather than glossy and shiny. Also, you will notice that they have indented creases running from stem to tip.


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